Soft on your purse. Great for the planet

You can dramatically reduce or eliminate electricity costs and save on thousands of rupees every year. Don’t have to worry over ever-increasing electricity rates. Decrease your carbon footprint. Keep maintenance minimal since there are no moving parts. A 20-year warranty leaves you worry-free. All of this is possible with Zero Carbon Energy Solutions.

All solar panels and companies are not created equal

Believe all solar electric systems are the same? Think again. There are hundreds of solar companies today, and it is tough to know whose system will give you a worry-free performance. Maximize your return on investment by selecting a dependable and experienced system integrator who builds their products for the long run. And who will be around to honour warranties as well as service commitments!

Get yourself the maximum energy output

Zero Carbon Energy Solutions’ solar electric systems are designed, manufactured and tested with attention to every detail. The result is maximum energy output for your solar investment.

Designed for the real world

Choosing the best solar panels is an important first step in creating a powerful solar electric system. Once installed, it is exposed to the elements and the vagaries of the climate. Zero Carbon Energy Solutions’ solar electric system design is carefully configured to ensure high performance during decades of exposure to real-world conditions

Made from the best quality materials

To guarantee peak performance and reliability, we apply stringent quality standards on all our materials. Call us perfectionists, but our components and processes ensure we consistently exceed industry standards.

Worry-free installations

You will need to find the correct location for your system to perform to its optimum potential and generate maximum energy. Zero Carbon Energy Solutions’ installer will work closely with you to help decide the best location and system size for your home energy needs. And we ensure that our systems are installed to last without any damage to your roof or property.

Factory trained and continuously evaluated

We don’t trust just anyone with the installation of our systems. Zero Carbon Energy Solutions installers are highly experienced and are trained in safety and best practices. They are also routinely audited to ensure they meet with and even exceed our high standards. You can take comfort in knowing that quality installations and a positive solar experience is equally important to Zero Carbon Energy Solutions as it is to you.