Zero Carbon Energy Solutions was founded by five like minded individuals with a fierce devotion to the environment and a vision for sustainable, clean energy. Four of the partners have been in the field of construction for over 20 years and the fifth is an electrical engineering consultant involved in the electrical consultancy of residential flats and commercial institutions for the past 15 years.
By sticking to our promises of quality, timely completion of projects and adhering to set costs, we have earned ourselves a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable in our dealings. We expect to achieve the same in the area of solar electric system also.

Advantage Zero Carbon

If you have a dream of being part of the green energy revolution and you feel setting up a solar electric system is part of the dream, besides being a good investment, then hiring us is the right way to go. Because in setting up such a system there are a lot of areas where you can go wrong from design schedule delays to material procurement issues and construction problems which will make you wish that you had never started.
We are an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company/ system integrators and consultants for solar electric systems. Which means that we take care of the project from start to finish. Everything comes under one contract and you have to follow up with only one person and have only one bill to pay.
We are also a firm that is rooted with good communication practices, focused on educating the client, who is willing to take time to walk you through the process. So that you know where you are at any point of the installation process.